About APE on ÆRØ

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About APE on ÆRØ

Hi all APE fans
News about the 2th "Ape At ÆRØ" meeting . After the impressive attendance at this year's meeting and numerous requests, both from those who attended, and not least from those who could not participate, it is a great pleasure to announce the 2th international Piaggio Ape meeting in Denmark finally is on the road....




3-5 june 2011



The meeting will again take place the first weekend in June, which in 2011 is 3-5/6. But like all big events, many arrives a few days before, and get a vacation out of it. Which is a good idea then, since Ærø is an island where an APE feel at home, the short distances and narrow streets where the APE is in its element, the beautiful old houses and the magnificent scenery where the view of the sea always near, makes an visit to the island a memory for life.  In the book "1000 Places to See Before You Die" mentions the american writer Patricia Schultz, places like the Pyramids, Ayers Rock, Machu Picchu, and Ærøskøbing !!

Well You can't ride your APE to Machu Picchu, but you can go to Ærø. So make the APE ready, put the wife and children in the four-wheel, come to the Piaggio APE meeting at Ærø on 3-5 June 2011 and see one of the 1000 places

Watch TV clips from APE on ÆRØ 2010 here:

TV2 weather. : Nærvejret-til-tuktuktræf

ÆrøwebTV : Piaggio APE træf på Ærø

The newspaper wrote : FynsAmtAvis

The meeting is again held at Søby camping Vitsø 10, 5985 Søby Aero. Denmark. 54 ° 56'11 .76 "N 10 ° 14'37 .81" E

Søby Camping is a smaller comfortable family friendly camping site with possibility of renting cabins, located in beautiful surroundings close to the forest and just a foot step from the Baltic Sea, where you will find excellent fishing opportunities right from the sea shore. www.soeby-camping.dk

is a small island south of Funen, ferries depart to the island from Fynshav (Als), Faaborg, Svendborg and Rudkøbing (Langeland) http://www.aeroe-ferry.dk/

You can read more about Ærø in the tourist guide that can be downloaded

Danish :
German :


confirm your participation at ApePåÆrø 2011 here : 3hjul.dk

hope to see you all next spring