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IV APE on ÆRØ meething

May 31-June 2. 2013

It is with great pleasure that we invite all Ape fans to the 4. international Piaggio Ape meeting in Denmark.

The meething will take place the first weekend in June, which in 2013 is May 31 to June 2.

The event will take place at Ærøskøbing Camping. Ærøskøbing Camping is a three star camping site, located 50 meters from Vesterstrand, , a nice sand beach, and only ten minutes walk from Ærøskøbing center. The site has 27 cabins in 3 sizes, good shelter and a wonderful view over the sea, and offers a, as they write on their website, " A relaxing holiday with awakening to the birds singing, and the most magnificent sunset over the sea at night."

We will this year explore the island's western part on our convoy trip, and there are many exciting opportunities and things to see, so it needs more work . The final program will be ready around spring, but we can promise that it will be a meeting of the best traditions and with new surprises.
So mark your calendar and join the rally here:

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And get ready, for the biggest Ape event on Danish soil, the 4 international Piaggio Ape meeting in Denmark,

IV APE on ÆRØ meething

May 31-June 2. 2013

See more about the Ape on Ærø meethings here:

3 Ape on Ærø 2012

tv2Fyn. Waders og laksko 4. juni 2012 : http://www.tv2fyn.dk/arkiv/2012/06/04?video_id=51815&autoplay=1

The Program jumps back and forth between the Ape meeting, an accordion meeting and a art meeting Seen from the Ape, they good cuts are between 00:40 -> 16:32, here goes there accordion in it, and if you are not into that, just press fast forward to 14:55 - >16:48, here comes something about art, before we finally 25:34 again are back on the right track

And : http://www.tv2fyn.dk/arkiv/2012/06/04?video_id=51835&autoplay=1

Video from the meeting, ApeSven from Papenburg has filmed :


Fyns Amts Avis : http://www.fyens.dk/modules/fsArticle/in...hp?articleid=2087764

Fotos : http://trehjul.dk/3h/index.php/fotos/3-ape-pa-aero-2012.html

and : picasaweb.google.com/1115262593321035041...v1sRgCLCclbCNm8Tr-gE

2. Ape on Ærø 2011

tv2fyn http://www.tv2fyn.dk/arkiv/2011/6/2?video_id=41594&autoplay=1

YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lkK6_SMPiA&feature=youtube_gdata

Fyns Amts Avis : http://www.fyens.dk/article/1857944:Baglandet-Svendborg--Tuk-Tuk-Traef-paa-AEroe

1. Ape on Ærø 2010 :

TV2 vejret . Nærvejret-til-tuktuktræf

ÆrøwebTV : Piaggio APE træf på Ærø

newspaper : FynsAmtAvis

See more about Ærø Her :



Ferries to Ærø : http://www.aeroe-ferry.dk/